The Cars

Our fleet of racing cars for 2014

In 2014 season Roadrunner Racing is driving again with their fast and reliable Renault Clio Cup cars and inittialy with BMW:  

3 Renault Clio 'Trophy', prepared for the Cup3/SP3 class within the scope of the VLN Endurance Racing Championship. The Roadrunner engineers and technicians have carried out numerous conversions and modifications to this vehicle. Apart from a 3-position KW-suspension – chassis, a race ABS from Bosch Motorsport, data logging incl. onboard camera and a modified gear ratio, a 100 litre FT3 race tank has also been fitted. This lets the car spend up to 4 hours on the track with only one pit stop. A strategically important point when it comes to remaining competitive in the CUP 3 class. Lightweight doors and hoods also improve the vehicle's performance. The vehicle runs on Michelin slicks for the VLN and 24h-Nurburgring. Best laptime in 2013 was 9:41min on VLN-track.



2 BMW M235i Racing. BMW supports the mass Sport and publishes, together with the official release of 2-series model range, the brand new racing machine M235i Racing based on the street M235i. The in-line 6-cylinder stays due to reliability reasons and costs nearly untouched. Nevertheless drivers right food is master of 333bhp and 450 Nm torque. The 8-speed Fast-Shift Automatic gearbox is operated by paddleshift. A mechanical limited slip differential atthe rear takes care about cars traction. ABS is modified for racing and brings awsome braking perfomrance under any condition together with the built in high performance race braking system. ESP and TCS are adapted too to motorsport and Nordschleife requirements. Chassis and axle kinematics/gauge war 100m wider at the front and rear. KW delivers the suspenion and Dunlop will be exclusive tire supplier. THe M235i racing starts in it'S own class at VLN, RCN and the NUrburgring 24h-race. Technical changes are only allowed in a small area. So only setup, pitstoppperformance and for sure drivers skills decide between success and defeat!



1 Ferrari F430 GTC, prepared for the class SP8 in the VLN Endurance Racing Championship. The F430 GTC is based on the F430 Challenge that was used in the Ferrari Challenge between 2007 and 2010. The vehicle was given an aerodynamic kit on the front and rear by Roadrunner Racing. Naturally, a KW chassis also found its way into the car. The driver's right foot controls 490 HP. Pirelli is the preferred tyre supplier.

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