About Us

Roadrunner racing GmbH

How it all began

roadrunner racing (R3) is a racing team and motorsports events agency. All of the sponsoring activities are aimed at customer acquisition, customer retention and loyalty as well as the development of customer relations. Apart from renting race vehicles, companies also have the opportunity of organising events in this special setting and their guests have a unique chance of getting to know the circuit in the 'hot seat' as a passenger. They get to experience motorsports in a technically very professional environment.

The paths of the three founders first crossed on 1993 in a small go-kart team. 3 years later, touring car racing came to the notorious Nürburgring Nordschleife (North Loop). Jürgen Peter followed the call with his long-standing business partner and childhood friend Sascha Hancke and they began to get to know the pitfalls of the 'Green Hell', the name given to this circuit by former world champion Jackie Stewart, in various vehicles and teams.

Between 2000 and 2006, Udo Huppertz was the team manager in charge of the 'Motor and Motion Agency' racing team founded by Sascha Hancke. The team took part in numerous races in the Veedol Endurance Racing Cup: today's VLN endurance racing championship. Up to 3 vehicles were entered successfully into the 24h race at the Nürburgring and it wasn't long before they won their first class victories in various races. In 2004, Denys Tessmann then joined the 14-strong team as a vehicle mechanic.

After a 2-year break (2007-2009) and various starts as the guests of friendly teams it was agreed that it was time to take the bull by the horns again. The idea for roadrunner racing was born and roadrunner racing GmbH became official on 23.10.2009.

What we do as a racing team

On 27.03.2010 roadrunner racing started in its first race of the 2010 VLN season. We started out with just one Clio in the first race, but the fleet grew to 3 Cup Clios and a Porsche over the coming years. Pit box 17 became our 'home from home', as it were.

We are ambitious and work towards success. Everything we do has one aim: a class victory. We pull out all of the stops when it comes to the vehicles and the team: we use only the best components and competences! You will only find people who have been involved in motorsports for many years in our team. Every one of us recognises and appreciates his or her chance to live their passion for motorsports in a professional environment.

With our constantly growing network of partners, we are convinced that we have established a competitive team in a very short space of time. In our very first year we were able to make it into the top 5 from 25 Clios in the Renault Trophy. This endorsed our efforts and was a big motivation, but it by no means reflects everything that we are capable of. In the coming season we want to improve our performance even more. We want to compete for the championship in the R3 class! Yes we can!

What we do as a sports event agency

roadrunner racing GmbH has set itself the task of effectively staging emotional brand communication in the highly-technical environment of touring car racing. We are involved in not only the development & use of racing touring cars but also the optimisation of road vehicles for use on the race track.

We aim to provide ambitious hobby racing drivers and budding professionals (and those who are just starting out) with competitive racing vehicles in a professional environment. The main field of our activities is our participation in the VLN® endurance racing championship and the 24h race at the Nürburgring. Apart from renting race vehicles, companies also have the opportunity of organising events in this special setting and their guests have a unique chance of getting to know the circuit in the 'hot seat' as a passenger.

What we do as a motorsport service provider

We offer our service for trackdays-, sport- and racing cars from customers all over the world. We service them at several events with our all around service as technician assistance, transport, storage, overhaul and repair. With our strong partners we're able to modify or built complete cars to competition cars.


And what else do we do?

Are you a hobby racing driver? Do you finance your racing activities through sponsors? We can offer your sponsors a diverse programme. This ranges from simply accompanying the team to a race weekend, including overnight stay and complete entertainment in the Renault VIP Lounge, through to a spectacular drive in the 'hot seat' as a passenger during the set-up sessions on Friday with subsequent driver safety training - everything is possible.

Starting this year, we will also be offering our guests the chance to take out a racing car on the Nürburgring Grand Prix circuit during the free tests under instruction; a truly unforgettable experience! And the redesigned Nürburgring Adventure World also means that visitors and guests won't get bored. We organise all aspects of the event; your sponsors will be accompanied by our event manager throughout the entire weekend.

A personal photo CD documents the motorsports experience for each guest after the event.